Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sucking less at: finishing

My goodness, I've finished something I started (well, the first sock, anyway). Technically, I finished this last week, but the rain kept any of the stuff I washed/blocked from drying for days. I fear the weather here.

In any case, I've finished the first Koigu sock in my short stints on the bus. When I get my other DPNs back from a certain busy someone I haven't seen in a few weeks, I can start the next one. Still, finishing something's rather important to using it. I know there are a lot of "process" knitbloggers around, who primarily care about the process. I come from California, and I have so few articles of warm clothing I'm still freezing here in Pittsburgh. Right now, I certainly appreciate the product!

And now for the denouement: who wins the sock yarn?

The prize goes to Trek, who guessed the length almost exactly. Congratulations, Trek! Send me an email with your address and colour preferences if you have any, and I'll send you 100g of sock yarn from my stash to repeat the experiment.


  1. That is so cool.

    My email will come through on this comment.

  2. oh, no! i'm holding you up with my stupidity! i can't promise i'll stay and knit tomorrow night, but i promise i will bring you needles. shame on me! and when they brought me a new lanyard thingy for my badge, i totally deprioritized knitting one myself. so i only did like an inch anyway. double shame. how mortifyingly embarrassing. you will be at te tomorrow, no?

  3. Trek -- I emailed you.

    Lisabe -- not a huge rush. I actually am working on another portable project right now, so I'm not desperate for another sock yet. :) It would be nice to get em back eventually, though! I hope work has calmed down for you.