Friday, November 24, 2006

A tropical day in Sleeve Island

The sleeves, they are moving along. You can tell I'm scared of the cold, because I'm cranking along on finishing things as fast as possible! (I am doing a bit of holiday knitting in here, but I need to hide that from family for now, so no pictures.)

I realized on the exciting ride home from a wonderful (virtually all vegetarian!) Thanksgiving/Yanksgiving dinner (to digress momentarily, it really was exciting:)

Anyway, on the way home I realized that I'll be in Halifax and Prince Edward Island for the holidays this year. Sure, this means that I'd better get some sweaters done, but it also means that I can finally get my hands on some of the Fleece Artist/Handmaiden that the Yarn Harlot has been raving about. The sock yarns! The lovely semi-solids! I'm dizzy with anticipation (or the cold I'm still fighting off)!

I don't want to fall into the trap of "stash as souvenir", but I have wanted to knit White Lies' Sarah cardigan (with 900 yards of DK-weight smooth wool and 700 yards of laceweight mohair, btw, since it doesn't say on their page) or possibly White Lies' Angelina cardigan or something of my own design... I'll need to see the colours of semi-solids they have in stock, but Burgundy's always a safe choice for me, and if two sweaters in deep cranberry reds is too much, perhaps they'll have something in a vintage-y ocean blue that goes well with brown and black. Did anyone have a shopping list for me, while I'm up there? (Krista, you might at least want that incredible hand cream that my MIL got me last year; it's a lifesaver in the dry cold.)

I have a question for any Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island knitters: is it better to go to GNK (which supposedly carries Fleece Artist/Handmaiden, but looks like a sweater store) or LK Yarns (which looks like a normal yarn store) or something on the drive from one to the other?

Signing off, from "apparently all sweaters, all the time"!

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