Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fortunate confluence of gifts

Isn't it nice when people ask you for gifts of things that you have the yarn for anyway?

My aunt from CA wants a pair of cotton socks. Enter the Cascade Fixation that Krista brought me back from a law-school-hunting trip. I hope it's not too loud...

No pair of socks I could knit could be scarier than this. How does Cascade think this is an advertisment for their yarn? If I didn't already own some, I would have run screaming.

My sister asked for something warm. When I tried to nail this down a little more, she asked for a fluffy soft scarf. I'll go one better: soft fluffy scarf in purple-y Noro Silk Garden and Silk Road Aran and a matching pair of Urban Rustic gloves.

The bottom gloves are for me. My partner talked me into buying them. (I believe his exact words were "you complain all the time about the cold. get the gloves.") If mountaineering gauntlets aren't warm enough to bike this winter, then I'm going to take it as a sign that I shouldn't be biking.

My cold is still hanging around, so kitty and I are going to go nap again.

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