Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Good cheap wool alert

Sorry about the lack of a FO post yet. When I'm a little less sick I'll get some pictures from my first finished sweater ever. I've been crashed out on the couch for the last two days.

Kitty, as always, has been helping.

I swatched some of my aran-weight highland tweed yarn (in arctic). While I prefer smaller-gauge sweaters, I need more protection from the cold, so this yarn is going to come in handy.

If you have any need for an aran-weight wool, I'd suggest picking up some of this at only $12/pound (!). This is a loosely plied two-ply 100% wool yarn, so it's not going to show off your cables as well as a 3-ply, but will give a subtler effect. It's a soft yarn (once washed), with a little bit of a furry halo, like a shetland wool. I'm going to pick up another 4 pounds for a thick knitted jacket, experiments with dying, and holiday gift materials.

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