Friday, August 18, 2006

OK, this is just getting spooky

I have a list of design projects that I've been working on. After the Eunny-top (which I blantantly ripped off and changed, I admit it), I have a list of winter-weight things to work on. Perhaps it's that I'm in California, but I think it'll still be warm while I'm knitting my next sweater, and I need a transitional-weight layering piece for the office. I've been looking through pattern sites linked to on Vintage Knitting to look for inspiration and sketching ideas. I came up with (wait for it) virtually the same thing that Eunny posted about today. I don't tend to wear the same colours as she does, I was going to use a cotton-silk or a wool-silk to dress it up a little for the office, and mine will have to include bust darts, but it's basically the same sweater. I want to put little sweet round vintage buttons all down the front, though I haven't found them yet. If I don't find them, perhaps my step-grandmother will let me take a look through her incredible button box. Little unmatched pearl buttons would be cute on this, don't you think?

Ah, well. If I have to keep desgining the same things as someone else, at least it's Eunny. I think she has excellent taste. I may not knit this cardi anway; it depends on what I find in the yarn clearance bins today.

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