Monday, August 07, 2006

Dipping my toes back into socks

Dear Krista,

I don't know what the Chicago weather is like, but out here in CA it's chilly enough in the mornings to make me long for socks. (I still can't wear them, but I can wish.) Since I need a new needle for my Eunny-top (it turns out that a stretchy top that fits snugly around my waist is just too small for a 24" needle), I started a new pair of socks. Since I like to try something new with each pair of socks, I used the magic toe-up cast-on on some lovely cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Earth. The yarn feels a lot like Koigu when it's knitted up, full of sproing and chushiness. Still, I think the colour could be more accurately labeled as "went hiking without any boots on". I brought the sock to the Computer History Museum to get a little culture. I was particularly amused by this behemoth; this was basically the first giant modem. You would plug your (giant) computer into this BBN box, which would then allow you to talk to the BBN box on the other end, which would then convey your message to the (giant) computer on the other end. This was the beginning of the internet. Having been to BBN, I saw a lot of other interesting stuff stashed in corners, like a Faraday cadge and a giant torpedo pool.

I'll just leave you with the welcome we recieved from some Davis Square pigeons. I'm not going to knit under that tree any time soon.


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