Friday, February 02, 2007

Yarny reprieve

Do you know that feeling you get, as you move towards the end of a project, that you're going to run out of yarn? WEBS came through for me. I wasn't running out of yarn for my current pair of socks; I was running out of yarn for any more pairs of socks. (Cascade 220 superwash just doesn't cut it for socks, in my opinion.) Artyarns Supermerino to the rescue!

Kitty brought his passion for sitting on things to this new and challenging project. Unfortunately, even after I rescued the yarn from his fuzzy little clutches, I can't decide what to knit with next. Any opinions? (Colourways visible at Artyarns.)

  • 101 Purple, Gold, Navy, Brown, Olive, with Turquoise highlights (it looks pretty yellow to me)
  • 123 Sea blues and greens, with periwinkle (much more saturated in person than on their website, even when largely hidden under the cat)
  • 141 Salmony pinks, red, brown, tan (more salmon in person)


  1. Oh my! Kitty looks like he doesn't want to give up the wool! Since I've been doing a lot of blues, I choose the salmony colors.

  2. I would choose the salmony, too.

    I LOVE the fuzzy little clutches!