Monday, March 20, 2006


I seem to have contracted a bad case of start-itis. I can't finish a thing.

Almost finished : socks for a friend. I like the metal needles for sock knitting, they're easier on my hands than the bamboo, but I am having a lot of trouble with stitches slipping off the ends if I don't pay attention.Begun: a big bad baby blanket. I have three friends due in the next 8 weeks, so this will be for whoever's baby shows up first. Two strands held together, seed stitchy goodness.
Barely begun: Branching Out, in KnitPicks' Shadow (Jewels colorway). The process here was actually: knit 1 pattern repeat on new size 9s (from KnitPicks). Love the needles, hate the fabric. Frog. Knit a little of some other lace pattern on the 9s. Hate. Frog. Knit a little of yet another lace pattern on the 9s. Frog. Knit 1 pattern repeat on old bamboo size 8s. Feel "meh" about both needles and fabric. Frog. Knit some other lace pattern on the 8s. Frog. Knit 1 pattern repeat on bamboo 7s. Like the fabric, can live with the needles. Continue. (Watch this space for further frogging).Finally, Norton was irate about the proportion of dog pictures to cat pictures on this blog, so he agreed to show off the sock yarn Chialea bought me from KnitPicks. I was going to knit socks for the winner of a certain basketball tournament pool, but then my Tarheels lost, so basketball is dead to me until the fall.


  1. there are a lot of locals having issues with Branching Out. A lot of frogs live among those leaves...!

  2. Norton is adorable! My chocolate lab just saw this picture and she's so in love now!

  3. Aww, thanks! Unfortunately Norton is neutered, so your lab should probably look elsewhere :)

    He is eleven years old, half lab and half spring spaniel. Today he got his first Rita's Italian Ice of the season!