Monday, March 13, 2006

The neverending sweater

Now, I fully recognize that I'm insane for: a) designing my own sweater from scratch when I haven't knit a reasonable sweater from a pattern yet; b) knitting said sweater at 7 sts/in. That said, this isn't as much of a disaster as you'd guess from that. Here are some pictures of my wrap sweater pinned to my shirt. I'm not flexible enough to pin it well in the back, and it is pre-blocking, but there are a few things I can observe: this fabric stretches a lot more than my prototype (and thus would fit a bigger person than I quite well), but it's still going to be a soft, warm sweater that shows curves. I haven't achieved the look in the front that I was aiming for, but I think some trimming can alter that -- I can always pick up stiches for the edging a ways in from the edge. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve for making the hem drape as I'd like, but I'm reserving those until I see how the sweater blocks out.

Note that the sweater is sitting a little further down than it should be, because pinning only goes so far in holding up a knit fabric, which accounts for some of the oddness of fit. I'm relatively satisfied with the sweater so far (especially because more coverage means both more warmth and less chest emphasis), but I still have a lot to do on it: armscyes, arms, and trim. I have a contrasting grey for the trim, but I still haven't decided exactly what to do with it; I can do a lot of design-tweaking with the trim. Anyone still interested in a pattern?

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  1. mommafoofoo3:17 PM

    I am still interested in a pattern!