Wednesday, March 22, 2006

One sweater, two sweater

The wrappy cardi is getting bigger, slowly but surely. Quite a bit of the "slowly" part is because the sweater is really not very portable anymore. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the gauge.... really. Anyway, my LYS was kind enough to run some shoulders through Sweater Wizard for me. I'm not sure if I trust the figures, but I may as well give them a try. There is a lot more flexibility in constructing shoulder for a wrap sweater than for a pullover, because they can move across the shoulder without ill-effect.

And yes, there's a new swatch there of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in Quartz. I spent quite a bit of time obsessing over the yarn and colours for this next sweater; it needs to show the stitch pattern clearly, without being uncomfortable. What can I say? I like soft yarn! (Yes, the Silkroad yarn is soft, even by my standards.) I spent a huge amount of time searching for pictures of this yarn online, because I couldn't figure out how dark the purple is. After seeing the yarn in person, I could see why it was so hard to photograph: it's a deep eggplant purple, but it's not of extremely high saturation. Because the yarn is "light" enough to retain contrast between the shadows between the stitches and the stitches themselves, it doesn't melt into a continuous blob. While that sort of effect is nice for some sweaters, it's not optimal for cabling.

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