Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tempting emergency!

About two years ago - hmm, maybe 1.5 years ago - I knit the body for Tempting. Then I knit one sleeve, and then I knit the other sleeve, and then I ripped out the first sleeve due to - I don't remember why, actually.

Tonight, I finished reknitting that other sleeve, and pulled the body out of the bottom of my knitting bag where it has been languishing. And found this.This is not moth damage, mercifully. No, it's where someone didn't weave in her ends very well, and then left a project to get tossed around and pulled this way and that, and didn't take care at all.
It's, umm, about 1/4 of the way up from the cast-on edge of the body. It's beyond my repair skills at this time, but I could be convinced to give it a repair try with appropriate tutorials. Or I could be convinced to rip the body out and reknit. It seems a little loose right now anyway.

Suggestions? Sympathy? Help?


  1. Ooof. *pours a ton of sympathy your way*

    Suggestions... well, it's kind of hard to see from the pictures since the yarn is so dark, but if it's just unraveled on one row, you could duplicate stitch for a couple of inches on either side, "knitting" the live stitches that are now making up the hole when you come to them. Does that make sense?

  2. yeah--lots and lots of sympathy :( ugh.
    can't just unweave the woven-in ends on either side, maybe attaching them to longer yarn, re-knit (or use a crochet hook to pick up and repair), and reweave? not fun. but probably better than frogging, no? blech. so sorry--lots and lots more sympathy.

  3. Don't frog it! You can duplicate stitch (find tutorials on line) it right back together, with longer tails on the woven in ends next time. unless, of course, you really do think it is too loose and you want to redo it anyway. but my guess is if it's taken this long to redo the sleeve, you are probably pretty much over it and ready for some thing new.

    good luck!