Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Disco tee in progress

Here's my disco tee, done up to the armpits. I had to knit the sleeves flat -- the very slippery yarn did hideous things when I tried to make little tubes on two circulars. That's okay, I'm planning to turn it into a feature by just NOT sewing them up, and letting each sleeve have a little slit on the outside. It should be cute.

That is, if you believe these pieces are going to become any kind of wearable garment at all. I'm a little dubious. The cat whose paws you can see? He was dubious too, but wanted to lie on the pieces anyway.

I need better equipment if I'm going to be taking a lot of closeups:

I got all the pieces joined last night; not sure when I'll actually keep going with the yoke, but at least now it's all on one needle.

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