Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Celtic Spiral Cable... Scarf Pattern

I've charted out a cable, inspired to do so after looking at a sweater called Durrow and wishing its cables had just a bit more continuity. It's a transcription into cabling of a pattern on page 33 of Celtic Art: the Methods of Construction by George Bain, which I've had since I was a kid. (There are others in the book I'd like to try charting as well, but not until I see what's in the new Melissa Leapman book on closed cables that comes out next month.)

Here's the chart:

And here's the knitting:

It's a large repeat, but I'm happy with the way it knits up. For people looking closely: the top repeat in the photo is a perfect reflection of the chart, the lower repeat is not. Also, though I know it's a bit of a beast with a lot going on, it *is* well-behaved in that cables only move, cross, are formed or decreased on the right-hand sides. The over/under weave is regular as well.

I want this to become my first contribution to Ravelry, but they're not quite ready to handle stitch patterns as separate entities. So here is the (ahem!) pattern for a Celtic Spiral Cable Scarf:

  • Using any yarn and any needles that will provide good cable definition, cast on 31 stitches (17 for the cable, 4 more for a 2-stitch rev st st border, and 5 stitches of garter stitch on each side).
  • Work 10 rows of garter stitch.
  • Working a 7-stitch border on each side as described, work 6 cable repeats.
  • Work 10 more rows of garter stitch and cast off.

I think this cable, along with its mirror image, and maybe a horseshoe cable in between them, could also make a great sweater front. :)


  1. I know nothing of knitting cables (too newbie, too scared), but I know I really really like this garment. Cheers on being featured in Lime & Violet's Chum today!

  2. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Beautiful! I love it, and so nice of you to share! Thank you! :-)

    Ravelry: Scubaknit

  3. This is gorgeous!

  4. It would be stunning mirrored! Can you just see 2 purls and then this repeated? wow!

  5. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Lovely cable and great use of it in the pattern! (Seen on the Daily Chum)

  6. Anonymous8:34 AM

    This scarf is perfect for someone I have in mind. :)