Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fables of the construction

Ever seen this pair of fingerless mitts before? Yes, here is yet another one of the 6783 instantiations of Fetchings that people will admit to on Ravelry. I'm sure there are twice as many in the wild. Still, my mother likes these. I knit them up in 3 days for her birthday, and felt very competent doing them. :)

And, here is one of those pictures only a knitter can love. It's blurry on purpose -- I'm trying to get you excited about the NEXT post. And yes, that is a ball of yarn on my head. ;)

In between my monotonous chants of "never making a raglan again, never making a raglan again" I've been having a bit of fun with scraps. I finally learned the long-tail cast-on and an invisible caston for 1x1 rib, and have come up with a simple lace pattern to use with the Noro Transitions yarn that flew into my mailbox after I heard about it. This crazy-ass yarn changes fiber throughout the skein, always a wool blend but transitioning also between silk, cashmere, angora, alpaca, kid mohair and camel. I had to have it.

Also in the mail to me right now: Knitter's Guide to Stitch Design by Annie Maloney.


  1. Transitions is a cool yarn. I finally knit up my 3 skeins. I felt like it was the never ending skeins.

  2. you're right--i do want to see the next installment now. maybe a close-upof the lace? and the yarn--i haven't seen it. and where did that cool check-box come from? i want one.

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  4. If you have a blog on Blogger (, you can get the boxes. They're a new feature. :)

    This page tells how:
    New Reactions feature

    Have fun!