Sunday, September 02, 2007

A few new things

It's been summer, it's been lovely outside, and I have been biking like a maniac. (Not today, as my husband managed to make the quick-release skewer holding on my front wheel explode.) Since I'm taking an enforced break until I get to the bike parts store, I thought I'd share a few things with you.

I made a sock out of some lovely sea wool.

I'm glad to say that my mother thinks it would make a lovely sea monster. That's my new emergency backup plan if I succumb to second sock syndrome. (The old plan was to find someone with one very small foot.)

However, my big finished object for the summer thus far is:

my linen phyllo yoked pullover! (Fair warning, anyone planning to knit this: mine is entirely different from the one in Knitting Nature, except having the same yoke stitch pattern. If you want my directions, just ask, they're quite simple.) It's lovely and drapey and soft after a little trip through the washer. On the other hand, it's also biasing around the waist and hips. I have no idea what made it decide to do that (unbalanced yarn? the euroflax didn't look like it had enough energy in it!). It's a small flaw in an otherwise perfect sweater.


  1. Fabulous FOs! You do beautiful work.
    I'm finally recovered from my trip. If it weren't for that nap at your house, I'm pretty sure I would have had a nervous breakdown in Chicago the next morning. Thanks again!
    BTW, did that lace yarn ever show up?? It hasn't made it back here.

  2. The Pomatomus is wicked cute!

    Looks like you added some garter stitch on the pullover, and maybe some waist shaping? It looks very nice, flat!

  3. I want your instructions! littlelixieathotmaildotcom
    I have that in my ravelry queue. Am just waiting for the right yarn to strike.

  4. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Could you send me your instructions? I love the way your sweater turned out.