Thursday, September 07, 2006

What I did on my summer vaccation

Well, what I did yesterday, anyway.

Sure, I got married this weekend (no pictures yet), but then I spent 7+ hours in urgent care yesterday only to find out that something may or may not be wrong. As my general theory is that I should wait until I'm really, really, really sure there's something wrong before I go to the doctor, this "go when the pain is still managable" theory isn't working out that well. On the upside, it's been all sock yarn, all the time.

I'm socking up! I'm moving to Boston in a few days and I'm scared of winter.

Sock info: Cherry Tree Hill supersock in "earth" a.k.a. "I went hiking without any boots on", knitted on flexible plastic needles that don't break in my purse. These socks were knitted toe-up using the magic cast-on and a short-row heel.

Speaking of Cherry Tree Hill, did you see their sock design contest? Design a pair of solid-colour socks, then send them the pattern and the actual socks. You will never see your socks again, unless you win, in which case you'll see a picture of them. Maybe three knitters will even make the money back that they spent on yarn. Who will enter this? Process knitters who live in the tropics?

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